Unlimited Colors – pick up colors by yourself

Hi guys!

Color is an very important part in web design. Pick up a right color will decide the success of a website especially the online store. The visual appearance of a web store as a whole—from shapes to colors, is crucial to the mood it inspires in the customer. It depends on the relevant of the products concept, the decoration of store and the logo colors.  A color scheme is not a bunch of random colors. It’s assembled according to specific design principles. The colors are picked so that they go together and convey a certain meaning.

 What a pity if you find a awesome template for your online store however the predefined colors are not suitable with your concept. To solve this problem, today KulerThemes is glad to introduce you our new extension called Unlimited Colors which is included in new updated version of KulerCP module.

unlimited colors

Besides 6 predefined colors, this extension allows you to select your own colors for your store. Kuler Unlimited Color is a powerful color palette that allows you to add unlimited color schemes to your themes. Unleash the designer in yourself. The template colors can be selected from handy palette tool or entered manually in hexadecimal format ( combination of 6 letters and numbers). In the case you do not have Fireworks, Photoshop or similar application, color selector will help you to find out the hexadecimal code for the color you pick up. This is useful if you want to match main template color with your company logo.

OpenCart Modules of KulerThemes are designed based on the convenience for your store’s customer. We hope that our products will participate in the success of your store.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!


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