Theme Maven is compatible with all iSenseLabs extensions


Problem about the compatibility between theme and the extension is the serious once with OpenCart. We have received a lot of question from customers about this problem. The difference in design and code between theme and extension from different producer will create a lot of conflicts that takes a long time to fix them. 3-700-freeheight-SOURCE

Because of this inconvenience, Kulerthemes has worked with iSenseLabs – the first-class OpenCart extensions provider. We are glad to inform you that our theme Maven has been compatible with all extension from iSenseLabs already. It means that you can purchase and install extensions from iSenseLabs and Maven from us on one website; they will work with each other well without any conflict. So our customers who use Maven will have more choice for extensions.

More templates from Kulerthemes will be compatible with extensions of iSenseLabs soon. Please stay tuned.

iSenseLabs provides you with about 90 world-class OpenCart extensions across a wide range of extensions for your needs, such as ExcelPort, Facebook Login and so on. iSenseLabs has been featured on the most cutting-edge design platforms in the World two times, take the 1st place in design award winner in the OpenCart design hosted competitions, most sold and recognized products in the market, certified OpenCart Partner.

KulerThemes’s templates iSenseLabs extensions

Thank you for your reading. Please let us know if you have any question. We would be happy to assist you.


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