• Watch video tutorials

    Visual guides to install / configure themes & modules

  • Check documentation

    Thorough manuals about themes as well as modules

  • Browse the knowledge base

    FAQs & minor customization guides

If you still don’t get the answers, please send a ticket to our support staff:

  • Support time: Normally, you will get support within 24 hours, from Monday - Friday (8AM - 6PM in GMT+7). However, depending on the issue complexity and our development workload, it can take up to 48 hours or more.
  • Information you should provide when making a post:
    • 1. Your question or problem with description and screenshot.
    • 2. Your OpenCart version.
    • 3. Your Theme version.
    • 4. Link to your site.
    • 5. In some cases we may request you send us login details.

What do we support

Will be solved immediately

  • The theme is not working properly

    If a theme is not working properly or you have an issue using it, create a ticket with the description and screenshot(s). We might ask you steps to replicate the bug or site details more to find out the reason. In case the error comes from our theme, it will be fixed immediately.

  • User error

    We might ask you to browse the support channels or retrace your edits.

Maybe, maybe not

  • Customization request

    We offer minor customization via knowledge base. We also guide you to tweak your website yourself if the modification requires couple of code lines. We don’t offer extended modification requests that take time.

    Customization requests are related to code and/or style tweaks to suit individual customer’s needs and not related to bugs or problems.

  • New feature request

    If we determine that they are useful for users and/or are requested by other people, we will add them to our product.

  • Conflicts between our theme & third-party extensions

    Normally, our themes work well with third-party extensions. If there are conflicts between them, we will try our best to fix that.

Only what you can, but normally it is limited

  • 3rd-party extensions

    We can only help to point out issues and recommend you contact developer of the extension you’re using.

    In case you still want us to fix the conflicts, we will consider your request - If it can be fixed within several hours, we will take it and charge $50 - $100 per hour.

  • Server & hosting

    We can only help to point out issues and recommend you contact the web server.

  • OpenCart bug

    We can only help to point out issues. You should post the problem to the OpenCart forum for more details.

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