How to remove existing tax rates in OpenCart?

How to remove existing tax rates in OpenCart?

In business, taxes is still a important part not only in store but also online shop. According to the laws where you operate your business, your customers may be charged some or all of tax. So OpenCart also provide taxes feature for users. Firstly, we must know some basic definitions.
Geo Zone: is a geographical region to specify in OpenCart.
Tax Class: The type of product to apply a tax rate to. It can be based on store address, payment address and shipping address.
Tax Rate: the actual tax rate that use for specific Geo Zone.

In some situation, you need to remove existing Tax Rated in Opencart for example remove VAT or Eco tax ( which is available in default). You should follow those steps belows:
Step 1: Log into OpenCart Dashboard
Step 2: Go to System >> Localisation >> Taxes >> Tax Classes

remove existing tax rates in OpenCart 1
Step 3: Click Edit to each Tax Class to remove the tax rate
Step 4: Click Remove for the tax rate applied to the Tax Class

remove existing tax rates in OpenCart 2
Step 5: If you want to remove the Tax Class that you remove all the tax rates already, back to System>> Localisation >> Tax >> Tax Rate
Step 6: Click on the box  next to the Tax Class Title

remove existing tax rates in OpenCart 3
Step 7: Click Delete

Follow those step you can remove the Tax Rate you want. There are many OpenCart tutorial and information about news OpenCart themes of Kulerthemes will be released soon. Please stay tuned!

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