[Released] Kuler Framework 2 and two more modules: Kuler Testimonial & Kuler Contact Form

KulerThemes has received a lot of love from the customers. It is the motivation that help KulerThemes to crease the new high quality product for customers. In the beginning of August, KulerThemes released a display of our official website. Besides, we release a new version of KulerFramework and 2 more additional module structure or KulerThemes.

Kuler Framework 2 for OpenCart templates

KulerFramework version 2

KulerFramework 2 now comes with preeminent features which enables you to revamp almost everything you want.

All of our new OpenCart templates – Start, Simplify and Bowtie are based on Kuler Framework 2. And definitely, all of our upcoming themes will be built on this framework as well. For you guys who use themes which are based on Kuler Framework 1: No need to worry, we will release a new version which are based on Kuler Framework 2 and OpenCart 2 compatibility after Opencart 2 is released. 

Now, let’s take a look at what do we have in this version.

Bootstrap and LESS utilization

Bootstrap and Less usage

Bootstrapp and LESS utilization

Kuler Framework 2 is developed with LESS and Bootstrap. LESS is a dynamic style-sheet language which help you to write CSS in a better way by combining functions, operations and more. Meanwhile, Bootstrap is considered as the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Thanks to them, Kuler Frameworks allows you to use the theme faster and easier.

10+ module positions

OpenCart comes with four default positions. It means that if you want to build a flexible website with various module positions, you need to dig into code. This way is quite complicated for users who don’t get used to code before. That’s why we decided to add more module positions to Kuler Framework 2: Now it has 10+ module positions which are closely tailored to your needs, covering from top to bottom of the theme.


Module Positions of Start theme which are based on Kuler Framework 2

Visual customization style


Visual customization style

The visual style customization in Kuler Framework 2 is just awesome! Now you use the theme with utter enjoyment since this WYSIWYG function enables you to tweak the whole theme design and see changes immediately. So you can alter styles of body, top bar, header, menu, footer and product section within minutes. Dead easy-to-use, free from extreme technical knowledge, but still so practical and sophisticated, tons of styles are all in your hand!

Multiple skins

features-4 - Copy

Multiple skins

Each theme has mutiple skins for you to choose from, covering several topics. All of them are eye-catching, stylish and ready to use. Additionally, you can modify any predefined skin with background color, font styles and all the rest settings in the control panel then save changes as your own custom ones. After that, you are free to export and import them for your upcoming store.
One theme, multiple choices -You save a lot when using our themes.

Boxed & Full Width Layout


Boxed & Full Width Layout

All themes which are based on Kuler Framework 2 provide you with two types of layouts: Boxed and Full Width Layout. The Full Width Layout takes up entire space on the page while the Boxed Layout allows shop owner to set the canvas size of the main content at 1050px or 1170px. You can try out and decide which type you want to apply for your website quickly.

One-page checkout

Opencart template with one-page checkout

One-page checkout

One of the hottest features of Kuler Framework version 2 is this One-page Checkout: The complicated checkout process with six steps now is dramatically simplified into one page only. Customers can fill in information such as billing address, shipping or payment method and modify any step at once. No more hassles or users end up abandoning their order due to the check-out complexity, leading to an immediate increase in sales and revenue.

Quick view


Quick view

Quick View is superb convenient for your customers to see pertinent information about products and add them to their cart without ever having to go into individual product pages. Reducing the time of browsing website can help you increase the sales amount. In addition to simply enabling or disabling this feature, you can also customize the View Button text, More Details Button text and set Product Description limit.

Live search


Live search

Here you get an user-friendly and interactive search with the potential results will be delivered as you type and the results range narrow as you continue typing. You can search in specific category, manufacturer or product description and set up any product attribute you want to display in search result: Image, text, product rating, add to cart button and so on. Live search will save time and patience for your customers.

Google map integrated


Google map integrated

Google map can be integrated to the contact page, showing visual direction for your guest to your store address quickly and accurately.You just need to find your latitude and longitude of your location and show it by one in four available map type to show up – Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain. This powerful feature help you to keep connected with your customers closely.

Right-to-left language support

OpenCart template rtl

Right-to-left language support

All themes which are based on Kuler Framework 2 are equipped with native right-to-lef language support. Every tiny detail is tweaked to make this theme look absolutely awesome in the RTL mode. Every element is horizontally flipped including the header, logo, menu and so on. Just install a right-to left language such as Arabic, Hebrew and so on, the theme will automatically detect and enable the RTL mode.

Kuler Newsletters, Kuler Social Channel and Kuler Finder are added to Kuler CP2


Kuler CP2 with Kuler Newsletters, Kuler Social Channel and Kuler Finder added

In Kuler Framework 1, you can see three single modules Kuler Newsletter module, Kuler Social Channel Module and Kuler Finder. Now in Kuler Framework 2, these modules are merged with Kuler CP module. It is not a big update, but we hope that with it, you guys can manage your website easier and faster since you don’t have to setup them as separate modules anymore.

Other features:

  • Swap image
  • Login popup
  • Fixed header
  • Login pop-up
  • 638 font styles
  • Scroll-up button
  • Two zoom types
  • Show brand logo
  • Custom information
  • Option to turn off product sharing
  • Custom CSS file, Custom CSS, Custom JS
  • Category page, product page customizaton
  • Two product display modes in category – List and Gird

Two newly added modules

Kuler Testimonial

9-13-2014 10-36-59 AM

Kuler Testimonial

Nowadays, testimonial is not a unfamiliar definition with the e-commerce. The testimonial can help increase the trust of customers when they wanna buy something. By this reason, KulerThemes provides you a very new module Kuler Tesimonial module which helps you show off  the nice words you receive from your valued customer.

Kuler Contact Form

Kuler contact form

Kuler Contact Form

The second new module is Kuler Contact Form. This module is designed to create a very easy process for customers connect to the admin of the store. Any visitor can send the admin a message directly in every pages of the store. It is very convenience for both clients and admin if clients has a trouble. We hope that new changes will bring more benefits for our valued customers.

Now let check Start theme with all updates mentioned above:

View front-end View back-end

Please give us your words about our new feature released! Your comment is the most valuable resource for KulerThemes develops. We promise that KulerThemes team will do our best to provide our valued clients the highest quality product and service.

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