Neon is ready for OpenCart and some feature changing in version OC of KulerThemes.


KulerThemes is glad to inform you that Neon is fully  to OpenCart  This version of OpenCart is equiped new features and improvement such as Latest OpenBay Pro, Fraud extension support, Fraud labs pro module added  and G2A Pay module. Besides, a lot of bugs are fixed to help make this the best version of OpenCart yet.

In this version of Opencart, we decide to remove some features which create a lot of bugs such as; One page checkout, login Popup, Multi-level for default and menu ( in Kuler CP) . And Kuler Filter also remove in version OC of KulerThemes. We are sorry for this inconvenience and we will try our best to fix those feature to our templates again in the future.

If you purchased those templates, you can download upgrade version for free via the Member Area. Or you can purchase theme here. We will keep focusing on upgrading the rest to OpenCart Please stay tuned and follow us on our social channel for latest news. Enjoy the templates on the new and powerful version of OpenCart engine!

We will upgrade all of our templates to be compatible with OpenCart 2.0.x.x soon. Please stay tuned!.

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Thank you for your reading. Please let us know if you have any question. We would be happy to assist you.

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