Kuler Menu – Fantastic module for online store

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Navigating large websites have always been a design problem especially website that involve a lot of pages and/or products. The solution for this problem, KulerThemes is glad to introduce you a new Opencart module called Kuler Menu – Fantastic module for online store.

This OpenCart module gives  you ability to create a huge sitemap-like menu with links  to every page. It’s actually a user friendly and convenient module when allows customers to find their products what are divided into categories by just one click.

kuler menu

The features of Kuler menu include single drop-down that appears on hover, all the options show in one large panel, options are grouped into related categories.

Kuler menu offers a good compromise between simple and expanding menus. It’s easy to use and should suffer fewer accessibility problems.

OpenCart Modules of KulerThemes are designed based on the convenience for your store’s customer. We hope that our products will participate in the success of your store.

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8 thoughts on “Kuler Menu – Fantastic module for online store

  1. Subcategory links are not showing for me.
    Also when adding category the Auto Complete is not working with cyrlic.
    Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

  2. Bought kullerthemes odio Pro but feel so disappointed! Cannot upgrade the module and the documentation is so rough and does not work!
    when get on support form… the support form of kulerThemes site also doesnot work…
    please help.
    thank you so much…

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