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Blogging has become an essential part of any content-rich website. It also takes an import role in the connection between shop owner and clients. It took a long time for OpenCart user to integrate it with other cms to get blog manager. Today KulerThemes want to introduce you a very new solution for this problem called Kuler Blog Manager.

Kuler blog manager

Kuler Blog Manager is design for you to create blogs, add blog posts, complete with social sharing, ,RSS feeds, and visitor commenting built in. It is very convenient for you to show related product on your article page to increase promotion effect. Besides, it is a great tool for S.E.O practice, threaded comment system and social media share. This OpenCart module help you create unlimited categories and articles. Besides, Kuler Blog Manager provides a professional comment management help you to disable or enabled comment on certain category, auto approve  for customer group. Multi-language article and category is also a highlight of this modules.

There are 6 additional modules go with Kuler Blog Manager such as Kuler Blog Manager- Archive, Kuler Blog Manager- Article tags, Kuler Blog Manager- Category, Kuler Blog Manager- Latest Comments, Kuler Blog Manager- Popular Articles, Kuler Blog Manager- Recent Articles.
Kuler Blog Manager

Feature list:

  • Unlimited articles and categories
  • Multi- language article and categories
  • Author management
  • Blog setting panel on all feature
  • Multi column template for categories
  • Threaded comment with permission control
  • Related article and product on article pages
  • RSS feed and Sitemap
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Six additional modudes
  • Template and style sheet fallback

All of Kuler Modules are included in Kuler template package. Our purchased clients can download our module via our product download page for free. If you are interested in our modules, you can purchase our templates to get fabulous  OpenCart themes for your store and amazing modules.

OpenCart Modules of KulerThemes are designed based on the convenience for your store’s customer. We hope that our products will participate in the success of your store.

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