How to view orders in OpenCart?

How to view orders in OpenCart?
For E-commerce, order takes an important role in business process of online store. As the administrator of OpenCart store, you have to understand what to with the orders that you receive. In this OpenCart tutorial, I will show you how to view orders in OpenCart.
Let’s do it step by step:

Step 1: Log in OpenCart Dashboard
Step 2: Look at Dashboard home page to find 10 last orders. In the case you have more than 10 orders, go to Sales >> Orders.

View orders in OpenCart 1
Step 3: Click “View” to view a specific order
View orders in OpenCart 2
Order details: Overview of the order information such as order ID, customer information, order status…
Payment details: Detail of customer payment which include customer information and payment method they choose.
Shipping details: Detail about the shipping method and the address that customer want to receive products.
Product: This tab shows you the list of the products that customer purchase, price and total money they have to pay.
History: In this tab, you can see the history of actions taken on specific order.

If you want to print invoice you can click ” Print Invoice” button in the right of the screen.

Now you know how to view orders in OpenCart and understand the information in each tab of order. There are many OpenCart tutorial and information about news OpenCart themes of Kulerthemes will be released soon. Please stay tuned!

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