How to create customer groups in OpenCart?

With the large number of customers, it’s very hard for us to manage without any mistakes. It’s better if we can divide them into groups with specific characteristic. Group can be handly when you want to contact with customers. You can send email to each group of customer instead of sending one by one. In this OpenCart tutorial, KulerThemes will introduce you how to create customer groups in OpenCart.
You can start creating groups by opening OpenCart Dashboard.

Step 1: Log in OpenCart admin
Step 2: Go to Sale > Customers > Customer Groups

create customer groups in OpenCart
Step 3: Select “ Insert
Step 4: Fill the fields

create customer groups in OpenCart 4
Step 5: Click “ Save

Now you have created a new customer group. You can make many group that depend on your business.You can read more OpenCart tutorials and OpenCart themes news in blog of KulerThemes.

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