Create a store that looks exactly as demo site with QuickStart or Sample Data (for KulerFramework v1)

To increase the persuasion of the product, we provide clients demo version of our templates for client to have a overview of the product.The demo show you the optimization of our template that you can apply for your shop. If you purchase our product, it is no doubt that you are impressed by the demo of our templates.

It is quite difficult for you to configure your Opencart store looks like our demo. Therefore, we do provide Quickstart package and Sample Data feature which help you build an OpenCart website that looks exactly as demo site in a short time. It’s very easy for you to have a optimize set-up of our templates. You are not required to have any advanced knowledge about OpenCart to use this extension.

Please be aware that Quickstart package and Sample Data are available for:

  • Only Kuler’s themes with KulerFramework version 1 (Egestats, Odio, Tempus, Tellus, Acceputs, Arcu, iOC7, Pacifico, Lobortis, Skis, Sreeda and Azimuth)
  • OpenCart version

I. Quickstart Package

QuickStart enables you to to install a whole new OpenCart CMS with a dummy website that looks 100% exactly as demo with few clicks. Installing a Quickstart package is as the same as installing Opencart since this package includes:

  • Opencart installation file
  • Template installation file
  • Sample data

You can take a look at the visual instructions in the Video tutorial below:

II.Sample Data

Sample Data allows you to install a dummy website on an existed OpenCart CMS. Please be aware that your current data on your website will be deleted if you choose to install Sample Data. So you might need to backup your website before doing this.


How to install Sample Data?

Let log in OpenCart Admin and follow these steps:

Sample Data

  • Step 1: Install our theme
  • Step 2: Install all modules
  • Step 3: Go to Extensions >> Modules >> KulerCP >> Click “Edit”
  • Step 4: In “General” tab >> Click “Download Sample Data”
  • Step 5: In “General” tab >> Click ” Sample Data Installer”. Click “Browser” and find the Sample Data file you downloaded. Then click “Install”
  • Step 6: Click ” Download Sample Images” and unzip it
  • Step 7: Upload image folder into your site as the way you upload modules.

Finished! Now go to the front end to check your shopping store in a new appearance.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!


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