How to add product tags in OpenCart?

How to add product tags in OpenCart?

Product tags in OpenCart is help not only customers find the items they are looking for though your store but also you group and categorize. So in this tutorial I will show you how to add product tags in OpenCart. Firstly, we must know where do product tags display. Product tag display below the Product Description. Secondly, what is the value of product tag? Product Tags helps the products are grouped together in Opencart store. When you tag the same word for some products, just by clicking in this word tag you can see all those products.

add product tags in OpenCart 1
So to add product tag in OpenCart you have to do some steps:

Step 1: Login to OpenCart admin
Step 2: Go to Catalog >> Products
Step 3: Click Edit bottom and file Product tag

add product tags in OpenCart 3
Step 4: type the tag you wanna add and don’t forget a comma to separate the words.
Step 5: Click Save

Congratulations, you have added product in your OpenCart tags already. There are many OpenCart tutorial and information about news OpenCart themes of Kulerthemes will be released soon. Please stay tuned!

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  1. I bought the pro license theme. but something is not working properly. for example in samsung galaxy android phone, the product enters the right side of the page is black. When you hover over a product on the homepage add to cart text can not be clicked on. Can you clicked a little under. please could you help. immediate … (

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