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Acceptus: Responsive OpenCart theme for your successful online store

Acceptus: Responsive OpenCart theme for your successful online store

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Recently, the development of online store is not just stop at being complementary for real store but replacing, it helps supplier to save a lot of cost and time. So it is also the reason explains why E-commerce become more and more competitive.

To get the success, the supplier has to had their own competitive advantage, KulerThemes try to take a part in this process by giving you awesome themes for shopping cart.

Today, we are glad to introduce you a new guys Acceptus -Responsive OpenCart theme for your successful online store especially for mobile store.

Let’s see Acceptus HOT features!

Responsive design

OpenCart themes- Acceptus 1

Acceptus connects you and your customer whenever and wherever they go.
Shop everywhere you go with every device you hold!

6+ predefined colors

OpenCart themes - Acceptus

You decide colors of your store by 6 predefined colors or your own color with our editor.

9 Powerful modules integrated:


OpenCart themes Acceptus

 - KulerCP
- CSS3 SildeShow
- Kuler Accordion
- Kuler Tabs
- Kuler Sildes
- Kuler Advanced HTML
- Kuler Finder
- Kuler Filter
- Kuler Social Icons

Other features:

   – Search Engine optimized
- Lightweight optimized images
- Compatible with cross browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome
- Google Web Fonts utilized
- Well-commented codes
- CSS3 Integration/ Effects

Decorate your store with Acceptus!!!

If you are ready to bring your business online, then get started today and enjoy your endless fortune! You can get more information about this theme in Acceptus theme details.

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