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Build outstanding online stores with innovative OpenCart Themes by KulerThemes
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Why you should choose our OpenCart themes?

We know that the store interface takes a big role in the success of your e-commerce business. Another bigger part is to make it easy for online shop owners to take full control over your stores. So here are reasons why you should choose KulerThemes:


Innovative Design

Our OpenCart Themes are created with creative and edgy minds. If you want original OpenCart themes for an outstanding store, you’re at the right place here. We don’t clone other designs, we create our own themes with style to bring you the most benefits.


Wholehearted Support

Once you’re our customer, you’ll get the best support from KulerThemes. If you find an issue goes beyond your capability, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work on it and respond immediately.


Easy configuration

With the customer-oriented priority, our OpenCart themes are intuitive and friendly with new shop owners. It is easy to configure the themes to your taste with simple steps and strong support from our team.


Frequent Release & Updates

Here is the schedule – there will be two themes released every month. Plus, we’ll continuously update our prior products to make them compatible with the latest OpenCart versions.

“ To say that Kulerthemes is merely creative. These attentions to detail, professionalism and creativity make them excellent at what they does. “
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“ Great theme, easy to customize, and even if it`s a free theme, great support as well. Had some issues but I got my answers on the developer’s website “
Lavlan Lavlan http://лавлан.рф
“Great site you have, the gift theme is amazing. I assume the next ones will also be great, so I am very keen on seeing them. All the best for the great work!!“
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